Reunion 2005 is history, and created yet another superb set of memories. 
When: September 9-10 2005
Where:Seattle, Washington
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Reunion 2005
At this belated posting, our 46th anniversary reunion is in the history books.

We had 14 class members and Art Bremer's Widow, Diana attend.  With spouses, we had 28 at our banquet on Saturday night at the Radisson SEATAC. 

Seattle in a rare display of fall good weather made our stay and activities much more enjoyable and for that we thank the Weather gods.  None of us needed our "Bumpershoots"

The Hospitality Suite was large and a busy place as folks enjoyed light breakfasts and on Thursday night, some of Seattles famous Ivar's Clam Chowder.  Memorabilia was on display and memories were drawn out of the past to share.

On Friday morning, most went to the nearby Boeing Museum of Flight.  Certainly not as large in scope as the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, but every bit as well done, and with a large array of civilian and commercial aircraft including the Concorde.  Our Docent guided us through the histoical restored "Red Barn" where Mr. Boeing transisioned from building boats to creating one of the largest aircraft manufacturing businesses in the world.

Tillicum Village Salmon Bake and Show on Friday night was a great success.  After a half hour or so ferry ride to Blake Island, we were greeted the the Indian Tribes with Clam Necktar, followed by a great cedar plank baked salmon dinner.  During dinner the Northwest Indian tribes presented an indian history and legends show.

Of course, we all gathered together for the traditional Saturday Night Banquet.  This time excellently prepared by the Radisson SEATAC staff.  Cocktails were followed by the Invocation by Al Lauer, and then a sumptious dinner.

Following dinner, the Meriweather Lewis chapter of the National Sojourners presented a patriotic and moving history of our Flag titled "How to Build a Flag" Which was in fact a metafor for how to build a nation.

Many took advantage of free time on Saturday to vist Seattle and it's many attractions.
I've put up a lots of event photos up, which can be reached by clicking the event button above. They take a long time to load, so get a cup of coffee and be patient if you are using a dial up service like me.

A full  CD Photo set will be provided to attendees  It is also available those unable to attend for the cost of materials and postage.               Cheers,Larry
At Saturday Night's Buffet Dinner, the
OCS Class of 1959 grins...
And here's a special thanks to Janice, without whom this could never have happened...