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The Air Force may have formally retired AF OCS, but we proudly survived. Here, we establish our flag, and recall the memories, and  the experience that changed our lives forever.
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This page was last updated on: July 22, 2013
Initiated and maintained by the folks from '59B
In the beginning, there weren't but a couple of AF OCS websites, and this site considered trying to be a focal point for all classes, with pages for each.

Fortunately, now there are multiple sites, and probably others we haven't found, and OCS classes are being well served by thier own sites.(See Links below) Thus, this site, while carrying background material on AF OCS history, etc, focuses on Class of 1959 B,

Ideas, corrections and suggestions are welcome, just hit the e-mail me button and send them along, or put them in the guest book for all to see.  There is also a message board, but so far, not much interest in it.
  The 59B sitemiester
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This site is, and will probably always be... Under Construction
Links to other OCS and related web sites, If you know of others, send me an e-mail and I'll add them here...
OCS 57 D
OCS 58 B
OCS 59 C
OCS 60 A
Air Force
Officer Candidate School
OCS 60 B
OCS 57 C
OCS 57 B*
*  I'm informed that although the 57 B site remains up, it is inactive due to the demise of its webmiester.
OCS 61 C
OCS 62 A
OCS 63 A, B, C & D
OCS 60 C
OCS 61 D