A Recap of our 1999 San Antonio Reunion
Here's the crew at the Saturday parade at Lackland AFB
Class 59 B Reunion, 15 October 1999, Lackland AFB Parade Field
Row 1:C Rader; G. Varner; R. Canale; R. Gordon; S. Greaves/Neher; R. Scrimshaw; H. Ferrill; J. Schuler; C. McKenry
Row 2:R. Hollis (behind C Rader); R. Watson; J. Stouffer; R. Rollins; W. F. Moore; A. Partin; H. Ryan; R. Niewold; L. Weishaar
Row 3:G. Hughes; R. Keeny; B. Andress; A. Dwelis; D. Heal; R. Perdue; H. McMillan; M. Kessler
Row 4:S. Sinclair; R. Johnson; W. Heath; J. Wiley; D. Parsons; W. Bean; G. Smith; A. Bremer
Cheers to Al and Lavera Partin, architects, planners and the driving force behind the 99 Reunion and all that followed...
LaVera, Al and Dick Keeny
Memory Swapping in the hospitality suite
(sorta like a fancy dayroom)
The technical crew,  baffled....
More war stories, and memories revisited
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I've finally managed some time to post more photos of the reunion.  If any of you have some that you think belong here, just attach them to an e-mail, or send the photo to me (with caption if desired), and I'll do my best to get them up.   This is a work in progress, be patient...
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Reunion - 1999